I would like to introduce our new top noch quality f5j competition glider HAWK GF / GIANT FLAPS.

What we have learned in past two competition seasons.
The weather conditions has been 80% windy conditions and our Mark Drela profile has perfect performance in the windy conditions.
Now adding Giant flaps to Hawk has made a revolutionary step forward the glider is very universal in windy,
thermal or no thermal conditions the giant flaps made huge difference In the flight performance..
With this technology we achieved two profiles on the wings! 

Please meet a new generation Hawk GF F5j competition glider.


  • Profil : Mark Drela Special
  • Range: 3600 mm
  • Lenght: 1720 mm
  • Flight weight: 1300 – 1340 mm
  • Center of gravity: 125 mm
  • Area of wing: 79.5 dm2
  • Area of elevator: 8.1 dm2


  • Elevator: +10/-10 mm
  • Aileron: +20/-10 + flaps +5/-3 mm
  • Thermics A: flaps -1, ailerons -1mm
  • Thermics B: flaps -3, ailerons -2 mm
  • Speed: allign bottom
  • Ailerons, rudder: mix 100%
  • Brakes: flaps – 75°


  • Rudder, elevator, ailerons: KST 08+
  • Flaps: KST X10 mini
  • ESC: Castle Talon 35 A
  • Engine: XPower F2919/10 F5J LIGHT
  • Battery: 3s 1100mA