HAWK 25 F5J 400

Hawk 25 F5J-400 CFK is another current high-tech full CFRP model by Vladimir Rucka and Daniel H from Slovakia for the increasingly popular F5J / 400 class.

Hawk 25 F5J-400 CFK has an aerodynamic CFRP fuselage with a shapely elevator pylon.
The rudder and elevator are made of lightweight CFRP with an XPS core.
There is enough space under the removable canopy for the RC and drive installation.
The “spinner diameter” is mm when delivered

In the elegant two-part “Big Flaps” 4 flap CFRP wing with XPS core and multiple V-shape, all screw connections, locks and plug-ins are pre-assembled.
Servos up to 9mm wide (e.g. KST X08) for the flaps and ailerons fit in the servo slots.
The IDS linkage of the flaps and ailerons is installed by the manufacturer, as is the wiring harness including plugs and sockets.

Additional small parts such as servo frames, servo covers etc. are included in the scope of delivery.
Hawk 25 F5J-400 CFK is available in different colors with the design as shown in the pictures.

Production time about 2 weeks !!